Thursday, 03.10.2024:

A City guided day tour (Citadel, Old City, Bazar, Egyptian Civilization Museum) for accomp. persons (price included in registration fee for accomp. person).

Saturday, 05.10.24: 

please join us to visit the Grand Pyramids and the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) (USD 50 per Person). 

Sunday, 06.10.24 to Alexandria

We leave very early in the morning for a day tour to Alexandria. Includes: bus, lunch, guide  (USD 90)

Monday, 07.10.24: Aswan-Abu Simbel-Luxor Nile Cruise

3 nights on a 5* Ship, USD 550 per Person; not including flights from Cairo to Aswan, followed by relaxing days at the Red Sea (EUR 75 per person per night).

We collected some ideas to get the most out of your visit in Egypt:

Full Day Tour visiting Coptic and Islamic Cairo

Visit Cairo’s religious landmarks on a private tour of the city’s Coptic, Islamic, and Jewish highlights. Discover Abu Serga, explore the Church of Saint Barbara, see the gilded icons that adorn the Hanging Church, and enter the Ben Ezra Synagogue. Admire Cairo’s most important mosques and the Khan el-Khalili bazaa

Full day Tour Khan El Khalili (Bazar, Shopping)

In-depth guided tour to Khan el-Khalili, one of the biggest bazaars in the Middle East. Peek inside a centuries-old mosque, puff on a pipe of flavored sheesha, and haggle for spices through hundreds of packed stalls.

Desert Safari, Waterfalls, Sand boarding and Camel ride with Lunch (Day Tour)

You are going to discover the beauty of the Egyptian Western Desert and see the Wadi El Rayan waterfalls amidst the sprawling desert, you will capture delightful photos in the foreground of the Mudawara Mountains and experience the high and low dunes on an exciting desert adventure you will also slide along the soft desert sands during a thrilling sand boarding activity and taste the Bedouin delicious BBQ lunch or Dinner with tea.

2-Days Tour to the Unique White Desert

Experience the surreal, wind-sculpted landscapes of Egypt’s White Desert as well as Crystal Mountain, the Black Desert and the historic Bahariya oasis on this overnight adventure from Cairo. Camp in the desert, swim in hot springs and—if you’re lucky—encounter wildlife such

Siwa Oasis Tour All inclusive 3 Days Experience

Siwa Oasis is a secluded oasis located in the Western Desert of Egypt. It is one of the most remote settlements in Egypt. Siwa oasis is known for its natural beauty, including salt lakes, hot springs, and palm groves. It is also known for its rich history and cultural heritage, as it has been inhabited since ancient times. Siwa Oasis is a popular tourist destination, known for its traditional mud-brick architecture, unique cuisine, and traditional crafts. Visitors can explore the ancient ruins of the city, including the Temple of Amun and the ruins of Shali Castle, as well as enjoy the natural beauty of the oasis

Trip to St. Catherine’s Monastery & Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine

The trip starts from Cairo: The town of St. Catherine is in the Sinai peninsula in Egypt at an elevation of about 1600 meters from sea level, at the foot of the Sinai High Mountains. Up to a thousand visitors come to visit St. Catherine’s Monastery, the oldest continuously inhabited monastery in the world built on the site where Moses (Prophet Musa) talked to God in the miracle of the Burning Bush, and to climb Mt. Sinai (the Biblical Mt. Horeb, known locally as Jebel Musa) where Moses has received the Ten Commandments.


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